Helping Women, Children, and Pets

Our Mission:

To provide safe shelter to abused and homeless women and women with children in crisis; as well as, offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance. 

Our Vision:

Self-reliance for every woman and child!

We believe:

That no one should ever have to endure a state of homelessness, existing in fear for personal safety and without the means to meet even the most basic of human needs – food and shelter.

  • That every human being, regardless of social status, has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • That all homeless children are victims because they lack choice and mobility.
  • That homelessness is a community problem that impacts everyone.
  • That everyone can be a part of the solution.

Our doors are open 24-hours a day, to any woman, with or without children, and male and female unaccompanied youth who lack a safe, adequate place to live. From the moment you take that first step of courage to enter the shelter, you are guided on a path to help regain your dignity and identity, while escaping the cycle of homelessness or violence.

The Shade Tree is here to help victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, street violence, sexual assault/abuse, and human trafficking victims. Our doors are also open to those facing economic hardships and homelessness.

The Shade Tree

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