Antiqua's Testimonial, a personal Shade Tree Success Story.

My name is Antiqua and I am a client here at The Shade Tree. The Shade Tree is more than a shelter, it is a haven and beacon of hope. As a domestic violence client, I came here so lost. I fell into a deep pit of depression and I planned on wallowing there. I was disappointed and mad at life, my family, and everybody. For weeks I did not grow or move forward.

“As I began to attend the plethora of classes The Shade Tree offers throughout the week, my healing began. From PTSD, Anger Management, Money Management, Math class and even Chess class, I became an avid student. These classes and the knowledge gained helped to strengthen my weaknesses. My case manager, Tina, kept me focused all while being a patient listener during my moments of depression, and the staff was available for encouragement.

“I was recently hired at Wynn through the outstanding employment center they have. The Shade Tree staff helped me go from a broken eagle who thought like a chicken to a courageous eagle ready to soar. Shade Tree, thank you.”

Martha and her Golden retriever.

Martha entered The Shade Tree on Nov. 9, 2018 with her Golden Retriever. Martha was a victim of domestic violence and made it clear that her primary concern was the safety of her Golden Retriever; her dog was also being abused. Martha had never been separated from her dog, so arranging for her dog to stay at Noah’s was emotionally difficult for her. Martha only stayed at The Shade Tree for a brief time, but shared that the staff at Noah’s treated her dog as if he was their own. Martha expressed gratitude for the love and care her dog received. She felt as though Noah’s Animal House allowed her to accomplish what she needed without worrying about her pet. Martha has since moved on and obtained housing for both her dog and herself. She truly is someone who benefited greatly from the care at Noah’s Animal Shelter and The Shade Tree.”

Helping the Lawrence family back on their feet

A former Shade Tree resident, K. Lawrence, stayed at the shelter with her two children. When she arrived at the shelter she was unemployed and was in need of help with workforce placement. K. Lawrence eventually became employed with St. Jude’s and was able to secure an apartment for herself and her two children. Her children were able to continue in school during their stay at the shelter and their family was able to get back on their feet successfully.”

Even more ways to help

The Shade Tree provides safe shelter to women, women with children and their pet escaping domestic violence or in economic crisis. The shelter offers warm beds in a family dorm, daily meals, an onsite medical clinic as well as life changing programs and services that encourage self-reliance. The children have access to an Activity Center, a playground, and the ability to remain in school.

In homes where there is violence, pets are often threatened or injured by a violent partner. Noah’s Animal House is a pet sanctuary for shelter residents that allow women to escape abusive situations without leaving their pet behind. The women and children are sheltered on the same property with Noah’s Animal Shelter so that they can continually visit with, and care for, their beloved pet.