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Use this list to select which areas of volunteering you would prefer to support; assignments may or may not be available at your scheduled volunteer times. Volunteering assignments are determined on an as-needed basis. Please fill out the text box of each area of interest by specifying which tasks within those areas you would prefer.
Noah's Animal House: While we work closely with Noah's Animal House, The Shade Tree does not coordinate their volunteering needs. If this is an opportunity you would like to support, please contact them directly at noahsanimalhouse.org.
Example: crocheting, computer skills, financial tools, etc. Please fill out our Life Skills Educator Application if interested.

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I understand that I must maintain strict confidentiality with respect to all information obtained by volunteers concerning the organization, as well as the clients and others they serve. I shall not disclose any information obtained in the course of my volunteer placement to third parties without prior written consent from The Shade Tree. This includes but is not limited to: • Information pertaining to financial status and operations such as budget information, donations of money or gifts in kind, salary information, and information pertaining to clients, staff or other volunteers. • Breach of confidentiality will result in the immediate dismissal of the staff. Staff refers to all members affiliated with The Shade Tree in any capacity, paid or volunteer. • Under no circumstances is a volunteer to convey information on a case, or portion thereof, verbally or otherwise, with anyone outside The Shade Tree. Cases may only be discussed with law enforcement agencies, child protective services, or other agencies dealing with legal, protective, medical or financial matters, unless written permission is obtained by the client. • Under no circumstances are files pertaining to clients to leave The Shade Tree facility unless authorized by the Chief Executive Officer. No information concerning any volunteer will be divulged without prior written consent of the volunteer. This includes addresses, phone numbers, etc. Failure to comply with the confidentiality policies of The Shade Tree may result in disciplinary actions, including dismissal of the volunteer.


As a participant in The Shade Tree’s volunteer program, I understand that photographs and/or videos may be taken in an effort to promote the organization to the general public. I agree to allow The Shade Tree unrestricted use of photographs taken of me and/or my child, if applicable, in the course of participation in activities sponsored by The Shade Tree or a local participating agency of The Shade Tree network. The Shade Tree will have total ownership of these materials, and the right to edit and use for purposes of program promotion, advertising, or public relations. I understand that The Shade Tree intends to use such photographs only in connection with official The Shade Tree publications and documents. I agree that under no circumstances will I personally take photos and/or videos of any resident of The Shade Tree without prior written consent from the client and the Chief Executive Officer. Furthermore I agree that, as a participant of The Shade Tree volunteer program I am a representative ambassador of The Shade Tree and agree to not post photos and/or videos on any personal social media accounts without the prior written consent from the client and the Chief Executive Officer.


I understand in my connection with my voluntary involvement with The Shade Tree, that I am insured with respect to The Shade Tree’s Liability and Excess Liability policies. This policy provides coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage for negligent acts to third parties; however, any work that is performed as a volunteer is at the volunteer’s own risk for injury, accident, disease or illness, to himself or herself. The Shade Tree, its Board of Trustees, Executives and Employees are held harmless for any acts performed by its volunteers.


The ShadeTree is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its volunteers. Under no circumstances will safety ever be sacrificed to production. Guidelines include but, are not limited to: • Acting affirmatively to prevent accidents and unsafe working conditions and reporting any unsafe conditions to you assigned staff member or to the Volunteer Coordinator. • Following all safety regulations and clean-up procedures. • Stacking materials carefully so they do not fall and exercising extreme care when lifting heavy objects • Using safety equipment where available, issued, instructed, or authorized. I have reviewed The Shade Tree Health and Safety Policy statement and all rules that apply to me. I agree to comply with these rules and understand the consequences of not doing so.


I hereby agree to release and discharge The Shade Tree, its officers and directors, employees, agents, and volunteers from all claims, suits, demands, and actions for injuries sustained to my person and/or property as a result of my involvement in such activities; including any claims based on negligence. I hereby attest that my attendance and involvement in such activities is voluntary, that I am participating at my own risk, and that I have read the foregoing terms and conditions of this release. In addition, I agree that I will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws while serving as a volunteer for The Shade Tree.


By electronically printing my name below, I state that I understand and will adhere to the Statement of Confidentiality, Photo Consent Policy, Health and Safety Policy and agree to the terms of the Waiver of Liability and Release Statement.


Volunteers age 15 years or younger must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian at all times. A minor consent form must be signed on-site by the parent/legal guardian and returned to the Volunteer Coordinator prior to volunteering