Empower survivors with the gift of hope: make a monetary donation to support The Shade Tree

Your financial contribution has a profound impact on the lives of survivors, allowing The Shade Tree to provide safe shelter, essential services, and life-changing resources to heal and rebuild. With your support, we offer a safe haven for temporary shelter along with legal assistance, workforce development, clinical and mental health services, housing assistance, and more to help survivors on their journey to independence and self-reliance. 

By donating, you become an advocate for change, standing alongside us in our mission. Your generosity helps us create a community where survivors find solace, strength, and the opportunity to reclaim their lives.

 Every dollar counts and makes a tangible difference. Your donation will go directly towards providing shelter, meals, medical assistance, trauma-informed care, and other crucial services that empower survivors on their journey to independence.

Fund a Survivor

$50 Fund a Survivor

for one Night

The approximate cost of one night of shelter, meals, and life-changing resources for an adult survivor

Fund a family

$150 Fund a Family

for one Night

The approximate cost of one night of shelter, meals, and life-changing resources for a family of three

Fund a workforce journey

$250 Fund a Survivor's

workforce journey

The approximate cost of one week of in-shelter job training and preparedness for an adult survivor

Number of Survivors Served
Meals Served
Families Helped
Safety Plans Created
Pets Housed At Noah's

Thank you for considering donating Money to The Shade Tree.

The Shade Tree could not accomplish all that we do without the generosity of donors like you! Our donors are our lifeblood, helping us provide shelter, food, and lifesaving services to people who are escaping domestic violence, human trafficking, and homelessness.

With your donation, we are able to give each of our clients the individualized care and healing they deserve. Thank you for helping us make an impact.

Here's how you Can Help:

Mail a check to The Shade Tree Inc. P.O. Box 94856 Las Vegas, NV 89193-4856. Click the button below to let us know to expect your generous donation.

Make a one-time individual or company donation via Google Pay, PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card. Transaction fees apply.

Become a founding member of Willow Society! Donate bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly and receive exclusive perks and tokens of our appreciation for making a recurring contribution to our mission.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we’re seeking local restaurant, retail partners, and service providers to join our Purple Partners for Change program. For the month of October, offer a portion of proceeds from a menu item or service and receive amazing promotion and benefits all month long. Click the button below and let us know you’re interested. We’ll send you all the details!

Corporate partners are critical to providing financial, volunteer, and in-kind support to sustain our mission. We strive to provide mutually beneficial partnerships to help you achieve your corporate social responsibility goals. If you’re interested in a corporate partnership, click below and tell us about your goals and intended contribution.

Thank You

Thank you for your compassion, generosity, and commitment to making a lasting impact.

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