Stallman Touro Clinic at The Shade Tree

Linda Perez

The Clinic, which is operated by Touro University Nevada through its Physician Assistant Studies Program, enables residents to receive much-needed healthcare services on property, including acute medical care and chronic illness management. Tutor Perini Building Co. spearheaded the project and worked with architecture and interior design firm, SCA Design, and engineering and consulting firm, EXP, to double the clinic’s original size and bring the redesign vision to life. Tutor Perini also enlisted the help and contributions of numerous subcontractors across the valley, bringing the total value of the renovation project to more than $500,000 in donated services and materials. “We are grateful to everyone involved in this effort which expands our ability to meet the immediate medical needs of the women and children at The Shade Tree,” said Linda Perez, CEO, The Shade Tree. “Thanks to the unyielding commitment of Tutor Perini, the Stallman Touro Clinic has doubled in size and tripled in the number of exam rooms, providing more privacy and personalized care in dignified surroundings. Women and children who have been living off the street or fleeing domestic violence situations often arrive in physical distress and without access to their medications. At the Stallman Touro Clinic, they can be immediately assessed, receive acute care and access to the medications they need to regain their health.” The Stallman Touro Clinic now spans 740 square feet and offers three examination rooms, a laboratory, reception area and nurses’ station. Touro University Nevada has been a partner in operating the clinic since 2009, providing acute health care, preventive health services, and sick call services to women and children living at the shelter.

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